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"The Lord shall command blessings upon thee in thy storehouses, and all that thou settest thine hand unto; and he shall bless thee in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee." Duet.28:8

This is 2005, of the New Year!  We are at the threshold of New Beginnings, we are entering into a new era. I want to give you some food for thought.  Some of you have lost track of your priorities and what God has ordained for your lives, and if you don't stop now and seek God's face, things will not change in your daily lives; and for the majority of us, we need CHANGE!

I want to give this advice:  Five Simple Truths for 2005

 1.)  Start your day off right, by seeking God first! Ask for His direction and be willing to be lead by The Holy Spirit.

2.)  Spend some quiet time in God's presence.  Just a few mintues of your precious time, will make a difference in your spiritual relationship with The Creator.

3.)  Get God's Word down in your heart, Read it, Meditate on it, and Speak it into existence in your lives.  Remember "you have what you say!"  God's Word is powerful and will not return unto him void, but it will go forth and accomplish that which it has been sent to do!"

4.)  "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you." Treat people the way, you want to be treated! Regardless of how they may initially respond, remember you are God's representative on earth.

5.)  "Give, and it shall be given unto you."  If you don't sow into somebody's else life, need or ministry; you won't reap a harvest.  The law of giving is very simple. . . you have to GIVE in order to RECEIVE!

If you will exercise the 5 Simple Truths each day, you will see a tremendous change in your daily lives.  Each principle is rewarded by the action that you take.  Don't procrastinate, but start today and continue daily to practice these things and you will "prosper, even as your soul prospers and be in health."

I am asking all of you that will act by faith, and sow a seed right now and give a donation to assist and support Pastor Williams in Full Time Ministry as an Apostle to The Nations, to click on the link below.  This is the first week of the year, have you given God your first fruits yet?  For those of you who don't attend church on a regular basis, have you allowed satan to steal from you, because you've been robbing God of His Tithes and Offerings?  I want to encourage you right now, to take a leap of faith and give an offering and watch and expect God to immediately "pour out a blessing on you that you won't have room enough to recieve."  Be sure to email me and let me know what happens, and also send me your prayer request that I might stand in the gap for you and your love ones.

To Give a Donation of any amount by Visa/Master, Debit Card Transaction, or Electronic Checking from your account through Pay Pal simply click on this link:>>>

To mail in your Donation please send it to:

Apostle Loretta Williams

P.O. Box 168034

Irving, TX. 75016

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Five Simple Truths

by Apostle Loretta Williams 

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