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About the Editor
About the Editor

CEO & Founder
"An Apostle to The Nations"

The Lord has given a commission to Pastor Williams,
whom He has called and chosen to do a great work for Him. 
The Purpose of Voices of Deliverance Ministry
 is Evangelism.  
"Go out into the highways, and hedges and compel them to come in!
" Win souls for the Kingdom of God, by any means necessary, singing,
preaching, teaching, prophecy, proclaim the gospel to all that will hear,
go everywhere there is an opportunity or an open door. 

For those who are interested in reading Apostle Williams Portfolio
and about Voices of Deliveranace Ministries
and The Oasis Ministerial Fellowship
which she is the Founder & CEO,
click here> Who We Are and learn more about her work 
in the vineyard, and across the Nations as God's Servant.

The Outreach Ministries Programs will take a new direction in 2005.  Focusing more on Leadership Training and Development, with workshops, seminars, and online sessions for those who are unable to participate on site or location.  I have had a growing number of individuals expressing their desire for Leadership Training on various subjects, especially relating to how to properly serve as armor bearers and adjutants.  Beginning in January 2005, sessions will become available through The Leadership Training Academy, for those who want to pursue a higher level on learning, to become certified for the various offical positions in ministry.  Pastor Williams has been teaching and training ministerial staffs for the last twenty years, and has several licensed and ordained ministers that have completed these courses that are a requirement to become and serve as officials within Voices of Deliverance Ministries. 
She has served under and worked with  Dr. Glen Joseph who is the Dean of  Cornerstone Bible College, which is located in the Bay City Area, in Michigan and also in Boston, through online college courses.  Dr. Joseph is the Pastor and Overseer for Cornerstone Ministries and her spiritual father in the gospel. 

Pastor Williams Spiritual Parents
Dr. Glen and Mother Mae Joseph

Director of VOD Ministries
Minister Qwenda Williams

Qwenda Williams has been the Director of Ministries since 1998,
overseeing the various programs and events and assisting her mother so that Pastor Loretta can still do what she loves the most, traveling and moving around from place to place. "I know that God wants me to be available to travel and evangelize to people everywhere and not stuck in just one location!"  People continued to follow her vision and become an intricate part of this ministry, the greatest results  being manifested from the Talent Auditions, Women's Meetings and Television Ministries.  The Outreach Ministries includes: V.O.D. Productions, The Lighthouse Bookstore, The Christian Social Club, The Pastor's Kitchen, The Pastor's Corner Gifts & Baskets, Helping Hands Ministry, The Thrift Shoppe, The Care Pantry, Covenant Partnership Program,
The Oasis News Publication and
Voices of Deliverance Web-Site (
For further information regarding our Ministries Programs,