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THE OASIS World Wide News Publication

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If you would like to participate or volunteer your services, gifts and talents with Voices of Deliverance Ministries; contact Pastor Williams today.  "The harvest is ripe, but the labourers are few."
If you're bored with nothing to do, or nowhere to go, become a partner with our Ministry and enjoy working with a Ministry that has a global perspective!  "We are commissioned to reach the lost, at all cost!"
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Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher
Loretta Williams

Voices of Deliverance Evangelistic Church
and Outreach Ministries
National Headquarters
Pastor Loretta Williams, CEO & Founder
Editor of
The Oasis World Wide News Publication
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 168034
Irving, TX. 75016
If you are interested in becoming or joining The Oasis Worship Center Interdenomination Ministries Fellowship
South West Headquarters,
Irving, TX.
Apostle & CEO Loretta Williams
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"We are The Church without Walls,
a Ministry with a global perspective."