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Voices of Deliverance Evangelistic Church and Outreach Ministries


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Men's Ministry


The following program has been placed upon my heart as a new concept for this day and generation concerning ministry for men, that will hopefully bring all of our men, young and old, together at an appointed time for Fellowship and Mentoring. I believe that the young can learn something from the experience and wisdom of the older generation of men; and that the older generation needs to be reminded of what youth is, and the dilemmas, challenges and conflicts that our young men have to face on a daily basis. A reflection of the past and a look at the promise of the future.

Men are important, and they need to be in the forefront whether young or old in our current society. There needs to be unity from which strength can flow and run its course. There needs to be an example, a standard; and this is how you do it: in deeds and actions, and not just in words or instruction. The youth of today is fed up with the old message: do as I say, but do not do what I do! Young men today are aggressively seeking mentoring that implies a show me attitude.

With over 50% of our homes being parented by single parents, the majority of them women, our young men are getting fed up, tired, exasperated and angry that everywhere they go, whether it is the job, school, politics, social entertainment or even the church for spiritual guidance; the women are taking over and are in the fore front. One young man came to my church and asked, Where are the men?

That is what I would like to know. Just where are you brethren? Most of our black males have been so degraded, trampled, misguided, ignored, disrespected by our society, and their female counterparts; that they have very little self esteem, but a whole lot of pride. Most have retreated away from their families, especially their offspring; so they do not have to be reminded of the pain of error, or to acknowledge they made a mistake or messed up! What is it about the male ego that makes it so difficult to say, I am sorry, I was wrong. Or to even admit that something that went wrong was their fault?

Now brethren, do not perceive me wrong, I am not a man hater; I love the men, especially a God fearing man with integrity and character, who is a living testament to true manhood that Christ set the standard for in the New Testament.

Men of honest report.
Men with no reproach.
Men who love God more than themselves.
Men who can stand tall before their sons.
Men who love their wives, even as Christ loves the Church.
Men who provide, protect, and cherish their families.
Where are you brethren? Where are the men of standard?

Are you one of them? Do you even qualify to hold the title of a man of standard? Are you a leader in your home as well as in the community? Do your children respect, admire and want to be just like you?

I would like to hear from these men of standard. I would like for the world to know who you are. Not because you say that you are a man of standard, but because your deeds speak for you.

We need men of standard in our communities, to take an active part of what goes on in their surrounding neighborhood. Men of standard should not only be seen but also heard. We need men of standard to visit the schools and to be role models for our children.

We need men of standard to be active in the local churches, and not just visitors or guests on Mothers Day, Easter and Christmas. We need men of standard, teaching Sunday School and Bible Class with knowledge from life experiences and with wisdom from God. The Church needs you men of standard, to be administrators, deacons and trustees over Gods estate on this earth. The Pastors of this city need you men of standard to strengthen their congregation, not so much in numbers; but in moral and spiritual character, as armor bearers, and defenders of the Gospel.

Promise Keepers is a good start; but we need more than promises! Promises can be kept, or broken! I have lived to see more promises broken, than kept by our men. Promises to their wives, children, mothers, fathers, and most of all promises to God.

Say what you will, but God placed in my heart that what we need, especially in Battle Creek, is men of standard. We need you to pave the way, and lead our young men into a new era of integrity and honor. Putting themselves last, and their Responsibilities first!

I am here to let you know that men of standard are responsible for their actions. They are responsible to their families, the community, the Church, and to themselves! As Pastor of Voices of Deliverance Ministries, I would like to invite any men of standard to email me personally with your comments. I would also like for you to consider an open invitation to have a special meeting with me at my church. At this meeting we can discuss how men of standard can be more effective in reaching other men, especially our youth. Getting our men off the streets; keeping them out of jail; on a regular job, in school receiving a higher education or trade and at home!

I would like to open my Church community/dining room for an evening just for men, young and old, to have a place to gather, eat, fellowship, relax and be motivated to become men of standard. Which means that they will need guides, mentors or teachers to instruct and lead by example. Are you available?

What say you, men of standard?
Are you ready for the challenge?


Voices of Deliverance Evangelistic Church
 and Outreach Ministries
P.O. BOX 1235
Battle Creek, MI 49016