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Voices of Deliverance Evangelistic Outreach Ministries


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Who We Are
Voices of Deliverance Evangelistic Outreach Ministries consists of 14 components that include: VOD Productions Audio Tape, Cassette Ministry, Radio and Television Broadcasts, VHS Ministry, Gospel Talent Search Concerts and Musicals, The End Time Newsletter and The Oasis Internet Publications, VOD Ministries Web Site, The Leadership Academy, Woman to Woman Conferences, Women's Fellowships and Seminars & Workshops and the LightHouse Bookstore.  These programs focus on Mass Media Communications to the local, state, and national communities.
The Pastor's Kitchen, The Pastor's Corner Gift Shoppe, The Thrift Shoppe, Care Pantry and Helping Hands Ministries are just some of the many programs of the Outreach Ministries that are used in the local communities that Pastor Williams resides.  
A new venture with The Christian Social Club features The Gathering Place for singles 21 and up for those who want to fellowship in a safe, clean enviroment that is alcohol and smoke free.  It is designed for those Christians who want to meet and make new acquaintances to form positive future frienships and mature relationships.
In 1992 Evangelist Loretta Williams was officially ordained as Pastor of Voices of Deliverance Evangelistic Church Ministries. She has continued as Pastor to preach the Gospel, and utilize her specific skills for training and preparing those who are called into the Ministry. Her main focus is still Evangelism and Outreach.

Our Television Broadcast "Deliverance" has been credited for having the longest running program in her local area on the Cable Access station which started in 1992.

  She plans to extend the Radio Ministry "God's Woman of the Hour" to other cities as funds become available.  If you would like our Radio Ministry in your area, become a Covenant Partner today, send your support so that we can further the vision that God has given to Pastor Williams.  We are The Church without Walls, a Ministry with a global perspective."
Her current endeavor is the fulfillment of the Vision and Prophecy given for her to Expand your Borders and Enlarge your Tents! Pastor Williams goal this year is to further the Gospel in every area available to her. She is having Monthly Women's Fellowship Meetings, Woman to Woman Conference, and Spritual Renewal Meetings and Crusades in various cities and states. She will also be ministering at Womens Shelters, Public Schools and Community Centers. 

The Covenant Partnership Program is for those who want to assist her with spreading the Gospel and give their spiritual and financial support for the up building of the Kingdom of Christ. You can become a Covenant Partner by faithfully sowing seed into her ministry and be a blessisng each month with your tithes and offerings.  Send your tax deductible donation to:
Pastor/Evangelist Loretta Williams
PO Box 1235
Battle Creek, MI 49016

Voices of Deliverance Evangelistic Church
and Outreach Ministries
P.O. Box 1235
Battle Creek, MI 49016