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Voices of Deliverance Evangelistic Outreach Ministries


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Through the use of Creative Arts and Talents, our mission is to promote positive attributes and characteristics of self-esteem. By building constructive and stable morals, skills, and social values, to enrich and enhance the daily lives of individuals in all walks of life, to bring about positive and rewarding changes in human lives through personal development, encouragement, and inspiration through the arts, by offering positive alternatives to destructive behavior patterns.


Our objectives are to encourage and uplift those in despair, to comfort and inspire the rejected, wounded in mind, body, and spirit, to overcome the circumstances of our society and also address the concerns of minorities with positive affluent influences.

We encourage the use of the Creative Arts and Talents to further promote positive attributes of self-esteem.

We intend to build constructive moral and social values through the accomplishments of the Arts and skills to empathize with individuals and their problems on a personal level so as not to further alienate and intimidate them.

We endeavor to touch the youth of our neighborhood by offering positive alternatives to destructive behavior patterns; suicidal prevention through consultations; to reduce peer pressure and parental negligence; provide hope and encouragement through counseling to stabilize lives through economics; and also reduce the high rate of infant mortality.

We intend to supply welfare advisement on family education, single parent families, housing, and negative imagery; have outdoor youth programs, and offer assistance to people of all walks of life; to evangelize, religiously, psychologically, and emotionally, to the total needs of the persons individuality.

Voices of Deliverance Evangelistic Church and Outreach Ministries
914 North Avenue
Battle Creek, MI 49017