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Voices of Deliverance Evangelistic Church and Outreach Ministries


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Youth Ministries

Our youth activities promote our values and help build lifelong friendships.


 A matching grant for Voices of Deliverance Outreach Ministries Academic Scholarship Program was instituted in 2000 to financially assist young women with potential for academic success.   Contributions received will be used for tuition and college expenses for Qwenda Williams, Director of Ministries, who has worked full- and part-time jobs to put herself through college and has completed a four year program in three years, graduating December 2001 with a Criminal Justice Bachelors Degree.

At the last Achievement Dinner where the scholarships are awarded,  Qwenda spoke of the hardships that she has endured and overcome and the challenges and oppositions that she went through in her final semester at University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

Grants and Scholarships are usually not awarded to out-of-state students; even athletic funds are limited. Qwenda was on the softball team for the 2000-2001 season and still didn't receive financial assistance until the final week of graduation. She spoke of how many athletes have failing grades, do not attend classes and still receive funds for tuition, yet many fail to complete their education or graduate.

Qwenda set a standard for herself to not only attend classes, but brought her GPA scores from 2.5 to 3.5 in one year, inspired to make the Deans list. Her final grades were all A's, out of a full load of seven courses.

Since she graduated Qwenda is determined to complete her education and receive her law degree, she has submitted applications to the law schools of her choice and looks forward to furthering her career as a corporate lawyer. Qwenda spoke about the shortage of black female Christian lawyers, she hopes to be a role model for other young black Christian women.

Her goals upon graduating are to:

1) Build a recreation center for youth in the poverty-stricken Northside area of Battle Creek;
2) Build a new church and outreach facility for her mother, who is the Pastor of Voices of Deliverance; and
3) To outshine Mr. Johnny Cochran.

If you would like to assist Qwenda Williams or would like further information, please e-mail us at you can send your tax-deductible donations to:
Voices of Deliverance Ministries
PO Box 1235
Battle Creek, MI 49016
Re: Scholarship Fund

A receipt will be sent to you upon receiving your contribution, with updates on the achievements of this outstanding young woman.

Qwenda Williams

Voices of Deliverance Evangelistic Church
and Outreach Ministries
P. O. Box 1235
Battle Creek, MI 49016