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Praise Reports & Testimonies of Deliverance
God's Word is spoken, written and manifested!
The prophetic anointing on Pastor Williams
I have been blessed to travel throughout the United States this year, and the Holy Spirit has spoken prophetically to the saints of God, and I rejoice to be able to give these testimonies and victory reports of the Word of the Lord being fulfilled and the manisfestation of that which was prophesied coming to pass.  For God's Word will not return unto Him void, but it shall go forth and accomplish that which has been spoken according to His Word, that He might be glorified.
I thank you for sharing your testimonials and praise reports with the body of Christ, that all might know that God is doing a quick work and we need to prepare ourselves for the manisfestation of His Prophetic Word being fulfilled in our daily lives this year!  The time is now ! God's Spirit is moving on the face of the earth.  If ever you need to trust in Him and believe in His Word, it is now! 
I had the opportunity to fellowship and minister at Ministries of Faith World Outreach Center for their Pastor's Appreciation.  God truly blessed in the service,read the article below which includes an excerpt of the message that was given to the  congregation by Prophetess Williams.    Many times the prophetic word comes to warn of the impending judgment of God, so that we can correct ourselves, and those things which are not pleasing to the Lord.  A wise man will hear "sound counsel". 
While I was in Midland, I called upon all the Elders and Church Officials of World Outreach to let them know that God was expecting for them to "take up the slack" and run with the vision that He has given to their leader.  Many times people that are elected to church positions want to "run the show and tell the leader, how to pastor the Church; or even with hold financial support while manipulating and trying to control the  leaders, and members of the congregation.  I have seen this too many places. 
The Holy Spirit came in at Ministries of Faith and reaffirmed the vision of the Pastor, and the Apostolic Mantle that is upon my life, had me to set things in order, by declaring the Word of God to the people to line up, preceipt upon preceipt to that which God has ordained for this Outreach Ministries.  Church Officials were slain in the spirit, as the Holy Spirit refreshed and renewed those who came forward to make a new commitment to the leadership.
God has also since that time, weaned out and removed those who stood in the way of his divine plan to propel Pastor Jeanette's Ministry into a new and greater dimension.  People may hinder the move of God, but they can't stop it.  It's a dangerous thing to fall in the hands of an angry God, especially when people grieve the Holy Spirit with words and actions that are contrary to that which God has ordained and established.
I encourage every leader to stand on what God has given to you to do, inspite of the people.  You may lose people that you thought were truly with your ministry, but God told Gideon, " you have too many with you, send some of them home."  It doesn't take a large number of people to get the job done, but it does take those who are commited to leadership and will obey those who have rule over them.  I've seen big ministries, with only a handful of people that are actually responsible for getting the vision of the leadership carried forth.
I hope that this article, will inspire every person; those in leadership and those who are lay members.  When you join a church, you become married to that ministry.  You are to be commited, dedicated and willing to serve.  You are suppose to love and obey those who are in authority and watch over your soul!  Most people don't honor their church leaders, because they don't realize that they are in a spiritual relationship with God at the head, and that God expects every Christian who becomes a member of a local church to give your total spiritual and financial support.  "What will Jesus say to you when he returns?  Well done, my good and faithful servant, or depart from me you workers of iniquity."
"Let the elders who rule well,
be counted with double honor."

Ministries of Faith W.O.C. Pastor's Apprection
Pastor Jeanette Hernadez & Pastor Williams

Ministries  of Faith World Outreach Center
Pastor Jeanette Hernandez
Midland, Tx.
Wednesday night February 11, 2004, we had a wonderful meeting with Pastor Loretta Williams.  In essence we would like to tell you what she preached and believe that it will help all who read to take inventory of your own personal life and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
"When God tells you to do something, He expects you to act on it!  Reading and living by the Word are two different things!  God puts people in our path when we need them the most so appreciate your Spirit-filled Pastor!
We need to get off milk and get on meat.  Meat is growth and you can't get prosperity without light and growth.  You can't get something for nothing!  God is not going to reward unfaithfulness.  He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.  You must be responsible for what you have but many are failing in integrity.
You might ask how come the vision isn't coming to pass?  Well, the people aren't running with it!  With life there is growth and prosperity, but DEAD THINGS DON'T BRING FORTH LIFE.  The Pastor is not the one that is suppose to set the church on fire.  Jesus told the disciples to "go into the upper room until they were endued with power from on high."  You can not be a witness of God until you've got some POWER! I'm not talking about what the Pastor has
(P . O. W. E.  R. ). . . . . What do you have?
The Bible says that "sheep beget sheep."  Shepards do not have sheep.  Their job is to watch over the sheep.  There are too many dead folks!! Some Christians have to be pumped to Praise God and pumped to dance for God.  They come in looking all mean and come in the House of God wanting to be "party-poopers."  They've lost their zeal.  They don't smile or have any joy of life!  Let the dead bury the dead!  Some have buried themselves and become spiritual zombies!  IT'S TIME FOR US TO AWAKE UNTO RIGHTEOUSNESS!
In the last days God said, "I am going to pour out My Spirit upon all flesh. . . ."  When the fire of God falls, it begins to burn up things.  How can you be silent, when God's been
SO--O-O-O GOOD TO YOU?  "Oh, taste and see that the Lord, He is good!"  Tell the Lord to fill you until you want no more!  When the praises go up, the blessings come down!
(excerpt from prophetic message given by Pastor Williams)
To receive a transcript of this message
email her today at
Laying on of hands & Prayer for Church Officials
Ministries of Faith~Midland,TX.
Pastors after God's own Heart!
Pastors Eliseo & Jeanette Hernadez

If you would like to have your testimony or praise report included in our next edition of The Oasis Internet Publication, email us today, with your personal triumph and tell us what God has done for you!  Share your experience with others that they may be encouraged.


Pastor Williams daughter
Qwenda Williams

by Pastor Loretta Williams
2004 has been a year of transition, I moved out of my 3 story home in Battle Creek to a hotel with my only daughter, and remained there 6 weeks while we searched for her a residence in The Windy City.  God rewarded our efforts by providing a beautiful new two bedroom condo, with all new appliances, on Chicago's prestigious north side.  She has been able to keep her best friend, her child-hood dog of fifteen years "Brandy", and has met some wonderful new friends of different nationalities, that have truly stuck by her side through thick and thin.  With her settled, I was now free to follow the vision God had placed in my heart and relocate to Irving, Texas.

New Beginnings for Mother & Daughter
Pastor Williams & Qwenda

I arrived in August this year, and have met some wonderful people that have supported my ministry and included me as part of their church family click here>Latest News
Now the real test begins, I returned back from the Thanksgiving Holidays, to my new residence in Irving, Texas and it has been a test of faith, even before I got off the plane.  I didn't have all the money needed to move in, yet I arrived with luggage in hand and expected a "miracle" from God to make provision; and He did.  I was allowed to move in with the balance of my rent waived for December and no rent due until January 1st.  Praise God!!
Next, I arrived before all the boxes that I had shipped prior with the basic necessities for my new home.  The first night, in my brand new home, I slept on the floor wrapped in my sweater with my fur coat on my feet.  Yet, I gave thanks that God had given me a beautiful new apartment to replace the old family home that I'd given up in Michigan; and I had a warm place to lay my head.
The next day, I discovered that I had been sent a shut off notice for a deposit that had to be paid within four days because I was a new customer with no prior history, not to mention a credit rating that is less than perfect.  For 3 days, I made phone calls to everyone that I could think of to assist me with this new emergency.  I refused to believe that God would let them cut off my electric and heat before I even got my first bill!  Did God come through for me?  Yes, one of the Bishop's that I've just met since August, assisted me with deposit payment.  I know that it was a blessing from God, I've tried to remind myself that I'm new here, and that no one is obligated to do anything for me; except God touch their hearts to do so.

"I won't quit, it's not in my vocabulary!"
Pastor Loretta Williams

There had been plenty of adversity, especially with this being the Christmas Season.  When I returned, I was unable to get the assistance I needed from those who I had come to depend on.  Lesson # 1.) "My God, shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory."  God made provision through others, and in doing so, I've met some wonderful new saints that have provided food, a bed to sleep in, a color television to watch and the basic necessities that I needed for my apartment until my own things arrive.  Lesson #2.)  "Put not your confidence in man," I had to lean on God, trust His Word, and believe just what it said, regardless of how dire things may seem.
Lesson #3.) "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen." Faith is what I live, not just what I talk.  Regardless of how the situation may look, and how dire circumstances may be; I know that the God I served is "able to do abundantly above what I can ask or think."
So, I am triumphet, I have the victory.  "I am more than a conqueror, through Christ Jesus, who strengthens me."  As Dr. Lester Sumrall stated, "I will not quit!" It's not in my vocabulary.

Pastor/Evangelist Loretta Williams flows in the Prophetic Anointing and is a renowed motivational speaker, she has ministered all across the United States and continues to evangelize nationally.  She is currently available for speaking engagements, leadership training for those in ministry and women's conferences.  If you would like for her to come and minister at your special events:

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