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HEALTH & WELLNESS: Fresh Outlook on LIFE!
Why Christian Women Tolerate Abuse
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The Memory of Pastor George Pacleb, Philippines

Welcome to our 13th Edition, June 2005
Internet Newsletter Web Site! 
We are an "Oasis in dry places," be refreshed, renewed and restored.  Drink from the well, the source is unlimited and you will be filled.

This site last updated on June 4th 2005
Why Christian Women Tolerate Abuse
What can The Church do,
About Domestic Violence?
The Church has for too long closed it's eyes, and turned it's head away from the horrible truth that women in their local congregations are being verbally, emotionally and physically abused.  Domestic Violence should not be ignored, this silent cry of the lambs needs to be heard.

Fresh Outlook on Life!
It's All in the Mind!
Our new Health & Wellness Section, will have articles pertaining to your physical well-being.  This month we will focus on Mental Health Issues and stability.  Learn how to take better care of your body which is the temple of the Lord.  
Health & Wellness Section, the word Shalom, represents Peace!  God wants His Creations to have total and complete Peace!!  In your mind, body and soul!

Praise Reports & Testimonies
of Deliverance
The Prophetess Speaks:
Read this month's article, about what God revealed and spoke through His Prophet to bring restoration to the church, it's officials and those in leadership.  "Many are called, but few are chosen." 
Click here>The Prophetess Speaks

In  Memorial of A Great Man
Pastor George Pacleb
Pastor, Evangelist, Missionary George Pacleb has gone home to be with the Lord, leaving a rich legacy to be passed on to a new generation of Christian believers in the Philippines.

Christian Fellowship Church

Church Spotlight
Christian Fellowship Church
Each month we feature a Church and/or Ministry, that we have had the opportunity to be in fellowship with to give them exposure and for you to know the great work that is taking place within the Body of Christ.
Read about the work of 33 year old, Pastor George Pacleb <click here
Loretta Williams
A New Year and a new commission for 2005.  The focus is a global perspecitve with a renewed vision and expansion to world wide ministry for the healing and restoration of the Nations.
The purpose of The Oasis World Wide News Publication is to communicate and give vital information to the public, regarding news and editorials that will be pertinent to our spiritual well-being.
"Go out into the highways, and hedges and compel them to come in!" Win souls for the Kingdom of God, by any means necessary, proclaim the gospel to all that will hear, go everywhere there is an opportunity or an open door. 
Learn more about Pastor Loretta Williams calling as an Apostle to The Nations in the section entitled About the Editor < click here.
Precious Pearls from
The Pastor's Wisdom Chest:
Five Simple Truths
This is the beginning of a New Year!  What can you do to make this year better?  Pastor Williams gives some important advice for those who want to improve their daily lives, and excel in their endeavors.
The Oasis Ministerial Fellowship to The Nations
Lifting Power International Church-West Nigeria
International News from
Evangelism on the Mission Field
We are committed to Evangelism and Missions.  The Oasis Ministerial Fellowship with Lifting Power International Church in West Nigeria, Africa is having Apostle Williams in Crusade, November 2005. 


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