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"Let the older women teach the young women!"
Pastor/ Evang. Loretta Williams

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Q: I am an mature Christian woman in my 30's and I get lonely at times for male companionship, I don't have any male friends what do I do?

A:  CHANGE!!  Regardless of your age, there are plenty of lonely Christian Women who want someone to talk and keep company with, that respects who you are and what you stand for.  You need to change your social enviroment, most churches aren't full of men these days and all prospective mates are not going to be found in church.  However, make sure that he is a Christian when you meet him.  Jewels are precious, but they will not be bought if not on display, and only those who can afford a precious jewel are willing to pay the price, without asking how much does it cost!  Sisters, we need to be seen; not only a church, but with a positive and active social life.  Here's some suggestions:

1.)  Save up and take a cruise with a good female friend!  Most have payment plans, and some ministries such as John Hagee, Bishop Jakes have cruises with Christian Entertainment.  Others you can pick your own destination and length from  a week-end to several days.

2.)  Attend single conferences, workshops and seminars outside your local church.  Summer is coming, campmeetings are everywhere, pick one, go somewhere different and take time to do some sight-seeing while you're there.  Get a new do, and spruce up!

3.)  Attend some sports games.  Pick one that you understand, and go to a baseball, football, or even tennis tournament.  Men in access!  Enjoy yourself, he'll be watching!

4.)  Find a new hobby, or work out!  Gyms and Fitness Centers are excellent social enviroments especially early morning 6am-8am for those who like to work out before going to work or school, and 4-6pm for those who go straight after work.  Some fitness centers have try out programs for free!  Walking, running, jogging or a bike trail is another great opportunity to meet different people and there are always men somewhere in the vicinity.

These are just a few things you can do, it's good for you and will add some spice to your life!  Always, look your best even in casual attire and remember ladies SMILE, you'll get the attention of some man, even if you don't see him, he'll see you!


1.)  Who was the maiden that laid at the feet of a man?

2.)  Who was a female judge for the nation of Isreal?

3.)  Who was the woman who had the prophet a private room built in her home?

4.)  Who was a harlot by night, but saved the spies from Isreal?

5.)  Who lied with her husband and fell down dead before the Apostle?

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