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HEALTH & WELLNESS: Fresh Outlook on LIFE!

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This month I'd like to share with you some tips to help maintain good eating habits and avoid upset stomachs, and sickness from over eating or eating the foods that are unhealthy, especially if you are dealing with a physical ailment and conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.  
1.) Eat in moderation:  The body can only handle so much intake of food.  While it may taste good, and your mind is telling you that you want more, your physical body will give signals and symptoms of when enough is enough!
Learn to say "no thank you."
2.)  Eat early in the day: Avoid those late dinners, snacks and trips to the refridgerator after hours.  Give your body the opportunity to digest the foods that you've eaten early, so that you can rest peacefully at night.  Most foods take a minimum of 2-4 hours to be properly digested, some meats may take longer.
3.)  What looks good, may not be good for you!
Excessive sweets, especially confections with a lot of sugar,caffeine,chocolate,and spicy foods; will give you the blues later, from bloating, indigestion, high sugar levels, headaches, heartburn and toothaches are just some of the symptoms from eating too much of a good thing!
4.)  Avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol:  While some may believe that "a little wine for the stomach sake" is ok, many people don't use restraint, The Word also says, "wine is a mocker, and strong drink is raging."  Keep the "spirits" out of your holiday beverages and make or drink something that won't give you a "hang-over, headache, or make you sick at the stomach."
Be wise in what you eat, "live long and prosper!"
A.) BEVERAGES:  Fruit mixers with a blender, sparkling juice, egg nog, fruit punches with ice cream, speciality teas and hot chocolate or hot apple cider for that warm toasty feeling.
B.)  Fresh Fruit:  Fruit baskets are in, also fruit can be use to decorate our table as a center piece, place a bowl of fruit on your inn tables to snack on.  Include tropical fruits such as mango's, coconut and avocado.
C.) Produce: Baked or cooked yams, green vegetables such as brocolli, and salad's are good for you.
I remember eating mince meat pie and blue berry, peach and apple cobblers that my mother and grand mother baked.  The house smelled so good and although it was sweet, it didn't have all the preservatives, chemicals and additives that store bought food contains.  It may be more convenient and easier to buy it at the store, but it's not as healthy, nor does it taste as good. Start earlier with your meal if necessary, take your time and enjoy cooking and preparing that holiday meal and then eat and enjoy the fruits of your labor of love.  A great meal, doesn't have to be a big feast!

The Word Shalom, represents PEACE!  God wants His Creations to have Total and Complete PEACE!!  In your mind, body and soul!  What good is it to be at peace in your spirit, if your mind is being tormented, and your physcial body is sick and full of dis-ease!  God's Word declares that He desires for us to be in Health, even as our souls prosper!  All the money in the world, will not comfort you, if you are unhealthy and ill.  The scriptures are full of God's spoken and written Word concerning His desire for His Children to have Health & Wellness in every aspect of your daily lives, but there are somethings that we can do to help ourselves to achieve and maintain our  well-being.  Here are some suggestions to bring Shalom for your Body :
I.)  Learn to appreciate your Body!
"Know ye not that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit?"  God holds us accountable for what we do, eat and how we treat our physical bodies.  Remember you have only one body, and it is yours for your life time, take care of your body, so that it can take care of you!
A.)  Set aside time for pampering!  Ladies give yourself a facial at least once a week.  If you can't afford to have it done at a spa, do it for yourself with some simple home remedies. 
a.) For your eyes: peel some cucumbers and place them over your eyes while relaxing in a warm bath, or resting.  Allow at least 10 mintues. 
b.)  Vitamin E tablets, especially the gel is very good to rub over the skin and facial areas. 
c.) Cleanse your face, if your skin is not sensitive, use rubbing alcohol to cleanse your facial pores, be extremely careful around the eyes, use a cotton ball.  There are facial scrubs that can be purchased for under $2 that you can apply that are made with fruits and herbal substances.
d.)  If you have dry skin, be sure to keep your face and body well moisturized.  Basic products such as baby oil, vaseline and olive oil applied directly to the body can keep those dry itchy patches away, and make your skin glisten.
B.)  Give yourself a manicure and pedicure.  Although it may not be summer time; keep those feet soft, smooth and pretty.  When the boots come off, and you're out for that special evening, you want your feet to feel and look goot! 
a.) Soak your hands and feet in some warm water, with lemon peel, if you're not diabetic, epsom salt will work wonders for tired feet in a hot foot tub. 
b.) Just don't polish your nails, but keep those cuticles trimmed and nails trimmed.  Change your polish to match your outfits for those special outings, ladies be sure that your polish for hands and nails match!
C.)  Wash and cleanse your hair!  You'll feel and look better.  If money is tight, get some herbal shampoo, get in the shower and "wash that dirt, right out of your hair!"  Hair is a lot more easier to manage when it is clean and smells fresh.
a.) Avoid using a lot of heat on your hair.  Too much will make it dry, brittle and easy to break.  You can always cut it, your hair will grow if it is healthy and treated with TLC.
b.)  While weave looks good, all that glue is damaging your scalp and hair.  If you must put a weave in, get in professionally done and ask them to sew it in.  Be sure that you have it taken out professionally, or by someone who will take the time to do it right and not just yank out your natural hair!  Continous use of glue on your scalp will prevent your hair from growing in those areas and may cause hair loss in patches in the future.  So think twice, what you do today, you may have to live with tommorrow!
To bring Shalom for the Body:
1.)  Drink plenty of clean, fresh water daily.  Recommended dosage 6 glasses per day.  Limit coffee, caffeine and soda pop intake.
2.)  Eat fresh fruit daily.  Berries, grapes, bananas, apples, oranges, plums, peaches and melon are much more healthy for you than sweets, such as candy and confections.
3.)  Exercise the physcial body.  Add some type of simple work out routine each day.  It will relieve stress, tension and stiffness.  Walk, jog, run, swim or even aerobics; but do something to bring your flesh under subjection.
4.) Spend some quiet time alone!  Give your mind a break!  Take a time out for yourself, so that you can hear yourself think and hear  when God is talking to you.  Turn off the radio, television and stereo!Learn to enjoy Peace and Quiet! 
by Pastor Loretta Williams